We recently made some improvements to our community and how you can talk to us. Our support forums just got revamped to make it easier for you to chat with us and other members in the Klei community. You can see the new forums and register at forums.kleientertainment.com.

Also, we’ve hired a new Community Manager, Corey Rollins, who will be helping out with the forums, social media, our game micro-sites, and responding to your comments here on the blog. So we hope to be posting regular updates and answering as many questions from the community as possible!

In other news, we’re really excited to have recently launched the early beta for our newest game “Don’t Starve.” You get to play as Wilson; an esteemed Gentleman Scientist who has been trapped by a dastardly demon and transported to a mysterious wilderness world. You’ll need to help Wilson avoid danger and survive if he ever hopes to escape and find his way back home.

You can play this early beta of Don’t Starve in the Google App Store. It will load right in your Chrome web browser.